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 Story Challenge 2006 - Johnovers Mystery

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PostSubject: Story Challenge 2006 - Johnovers Mystery   Sun 20 Aug - 3:12

Story Challenge 2006 - Get writing

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Intro Includes at moment - Freddie Highmore, Sprouse Twins, Jimmy Bennett, Oliver Davis, Josh Hutcherson

The Story Intro

Johnovers Mystery

The night was warm, dark and a strange feeling was coming closer to the cabin. The boys along with a number of others on the bus had stopped at an old town, a sign way back said Johnovers, but it was more a small ghost town, however the bus had broken down and was not going anywhere that night. The group had noticed a few cabins and other buildngs that could be used so all took hold, though was a small village
it seemend big.

The journey here was also strange as a while back they had trouble again at the junction, someone had told them these directions, and the driver was now missing. Stage lights flickers in the woods, and they where dazzled by one.

The boys had also took into the situation and decided to investigate, but the feeling was getting closer and Dylan was becoming Jumpy, something was not right

(Ok Im thinking of the Series LOST, but take it where ever you wish)

(Parts already added follow)

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Story Challenge 2006 - Johnovers Mystery
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